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Meet The Team


Schuler Johnson

​   Schuler is the founder of P.I.O.T. He never bore witness to a paranormal encounter until he went looking for it. Schuler oversees all investigations & supports the team in all efforts & events. Along with being the founder of the team, Schuler gets in the dirt with his team by familiarizing himself with new equipment, research, & anything else that the team must learn. The paranormal has been a passion for him since 2011 when he first organized the team. Schuler created the team as a community organization, so that they could help those truly in need. Schuler understands true fear involving the paranormal & how real it is. Schuler also values the unknown & the treasures of knowledge that it may hold.


   He is at times a huge skeptic; as he says "Seeing is believing." & "Evidence is everything!" These sayings hold strong with him. However, Schuler is extremely spiritual. He prays before, during, & after every paranormal investigation. He has not always held prayer & positive spiritualism close to him; at least not until the investigations of Central State Hospital. He believes not only keeping himself safe, but his entire team, & anyone involved with P.I.O.T. Schuler is a truly down to Earth person & loves meeting new people. He has said that the best part of being a paranormal investigator is meeting all of the new people & helping them with their distress. He is driven by a passion, & that passion is helping those in need  from the unknown.

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