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Meet The Team

Schuler Johnson

​   Schuler is the founder of P.I.O.T. He never bore witness to a paranormal encounter until he went looking for it. Schuler oversees all investigations & supports the team in all efforts & events. Along with being the founder of the team, Schuler gets in the dirt with his team by familiarizing himself with new equipment, research, & anything else that the team must learn. The paranormal has been a passion for him since 2011 when he first organized the team. Schuler created the team as a community organization, so that they could help those truly in need. Schuler understands true fear involving the paranormal & how real it is. Schuler also values the unknown & the treasures of knowledge that it may hold.


   He is at times a huge skeptic; as he says "Seeing is believing." & "Evidence is everything!" These sayings hold strong with him. However, Schuler is extremely spiritual. He prays before, during, & after every paranormal investigation. He has not always held prayer & positive spiritualism close to him; at least not until the investigations of Central State Hospital. He believes not only keeping himself safe, but his entire team, & anyone involved with P.I.O.T. Schuler is a truly down to Earth person & loves meeting new people. He has said that the best part of being a paranormal investigator is meeting all of the new people & helping them with their distress. He is driven by a passion, & that passion is helping those in need  from the unknown.

Nathanial Weber

Nathanial assisted with the 2017 investigation of the "Indianapolis Public Library" as a guest investigator. He’s worked with his passion for "Public Service" for many years, which is what led him to meeting P.I.O.T. Nathanial is very passionate in his work and likes to make sure it is done correctly and efficiently. Nathanial sees to the matters of proper communication between our clients, paranormal teams, researchers/specialists, & other outside contacts. Over the years Nathanial has picked up the passion of photography & assists with all photos taken during investigations or submitted by clients. With such skills & ethical strengths, he has helped drive the team to communicate successfully & produce accurate results.

    Nathanial officially joined our team to work the paranormal field in 2017. Since joining P.I.O.T., he has been very open to learning the passion of how things are conducted. Nathanial's passion for his personal work makes it all the easier to adapt to a paranormal team concept. During his time at the "Public Library" he’s become very educated in the history of the building and retains that knowledge. This knowledge has proven to be very beneficial towards future investigations & events. Nathanial is built on a strong foundation of data gathering & constructive understanding. Which in full has undoubtedly aided the team in many ways.

Ryan Seigfried

Ryan joined P.I.O.T. in 2018 & is the team's biggest skeptic. Being a proud skeptic is not a bad thing & has honestly proven to be quite helpful during intense situations. While Ryan is keeping everyone in a calm state of logical thinking he has also proven himself as a valuable investigator & equipment tech. Ryan works alongside Nathanial when dealing with photos & alongside Schuler with videos & audio. Ryan hasn't had many encounters with the paranormal, but is logically open to the possibility of a spiritual counterpart.

   With Ryan not having many experiences with the paranormal it makes perfect sense for him to be so skeptical on the subject. Ryan has proven very effective when dealing with odd accounts of sounds & sensations. It's not always about having the newest & best equipment that makes a good paranormal team, but having the most center-minded & understanding investigators. Ryan has proven time & time again that his open mindedness & skepticism has accurate & realistic conclusions.

Kayley Dobbs

Kayley is a web designer and developer by day, and a paranormal investigator by night. She enjoys going on investigations in the hopes of hearing from a spirit. When she’s not hunting the paranormal or helping out with the team’s social platforms, you can find her quilting or gardening. Kayley has seemingly discovered an internal talent that she highlights as "sensitivity." She has for some time been able to pick up on unique sensations & has even seen departed loved ones. Kayley is consistently working on her abilities & trying to discover more of what it may be, along with it's connection to the paranormal world.

   Kayley joined P.I.O.T. as an official member in 2019. She first reached out to the team in late 2018 with inquiries about the paranormal & psychic mediums. After a few months of research & discussions she found herself a part of the team. With Kayley on-board, she now aids the team with investigations & project planning. Having Kayley on the team is a breath of fresh air & has proven quite beneficial with her true dedication to the team. P.I.O.T. is without a doubt excited & thankful to have her along for this creepy & weird paranormal journey.

Andy Gifford

Andy has had unique exposure to radio personality work & has been on a few podcasts. He also has 30 years of experience both studying and investigating the paranormal. Andy's first paranormal experience was just at 9 years old, and he has since had a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the paranormal. Andy has investigated cemeteries, battlefields, private homes, and businesses throughout his paranormal career. He has also had opportunities to visit quite a few other locations, such as museums. Andy is currently a practicing sensitive.


He believes that you need to know what you're getting yourself into before getting involved in the paranormal. On that note, he highly recommends not to just jump into the paranormal field with little to no knowledge. For the first 10-20 years of his paranormal career, Andy spent reading several paranormal books & conducting a lot of research. After feeling comfortable enough, that is when Andy began to start conducting paranormal investigations. Andy had an extensive solo career as a paranormal investigator, but is now podcasting, researching & investigating with P.I.O.T. Paranormal. Andy has happily been a member of the team since 2019.