Who We Are

   We are P.I.O.T. Our team name stands for "Paranormal Investigations & Observations Team." Our team was founded on March 2nd, 2011. What started as a weekend hobby has since turned into a passion. P.I.O.T. has undergone many investigations all including residential, abandoned, business property, & even historic landmarks. We are proud of how far we have come & where we are going. Our team started out like most paranormal teams: with cheap equipment, faulty methods, being easily frightened, etc. To this day we have rectified our team with new techniques, innovative equipment, & not easily frightened, but still peer behind us for safety. We have dedicated ourselves to the paranormal world not just for the thrills of hunting the unknown, but to discover the real answers through critical observation & bold interaction.




   From 2011-2012 we were at our amateur stage of trying to understand the paranormal world & being a paranormal team. Being we had just formed our team & jumped into the spectral world unknowingly, little did we know how serious & also how dangerous paranormal investigating really could be. There were plenty of trials & errors, plug N’ play tactics, & revisions that we all went through; as a team & as individuals. From 2013-2014 P.I.O.T. began to grow, not just as a team, but as an organization. We finally achieved the task of having a safe & effective foundation as a paranormal team. Being that our team now knew how to investigate & apply ourselves properly, we began to conduct more investigations & reach out to the public. We entitled ourselves as a community organization to form a connection with our surrounding communities, fellow paranormal teams, & even organizations that support the paranormal. This time-frame was crucial & proved most resourceful to us. Our team quickly flourished with new knowledge of the paranormal, methods, locations, events, & so much more that inspired our team to what we are today.




   The years of 2015-2016 were the most essential to our team's growth. During this period of time our team was searching for new opportunities to expand the outreach we had with the paranormal community. The development of our new structure required the team to become more proactive towards connecting with local communities & conducting paranormal investigations. Late 2016-early 2017 was the spark of a new beginning for P.I.O.T. Within 3 months from the time our team had undergone transpiring alterations, we were back with several new & rewarding investigations, new colleagues, sponsors, events, & even a spot on a paranormal radio show. Our team has flourished higher than ever just within a quick 7 months. We are proud of what we went through, of what we are, & where we are going. Anyone can be successful & recover from even the worst of situations; you just have to apply yourself & dust off the negativity of troubles set beforehand.



   P.I.O.T. is a community organization, meaning everything we do is free of charge. We do, however; except donations for our organization's cause & welcome potential sponsors & investors. We take every investigation seriously & conduct detailed research on every case. From the people to the location's history, we consider all factors to be valuable for research. As stated before, we used to be a hobby paranormal team. Being a community organization now makes us a little more dedicated than we once were. Now we involve ourselves with our communities & expand our team as a professional, real organization that delivers honest results. Since we've established ourselves as a community organization, we received many requests for residential investigations, public seminars explaining our team & the paranormal, & collaborating with paranormal events & shows. It is truly exciting to not only work with our community, but to explore new territories as a team. When we came to the realization that we were no longer investigating for the mere excitement, but to expand our goals & cause; it was ultimately defining.



   We here at P.I.O.T. are happy to help anyone & anywhere that truly needs our help involving the paranormal. Whether it is you the reader or someone that you may know; realize our team is at the call to help assist anyone that has found themselves in a situation they wish not to be in. We help those in dire need of assistance, no matter how dangerous or how silly the situation may seem. We will help & find answers to our best abilities. Over the years that we have conducted investigations, we have made great friends & support teams. We have a few collaborating teams at the ready to assist us in any paranormal situation, an ordained exorcist for the truly severe “cases”, & tech specialists that have profoundly proven their abilities to prove fact from fiction. Our team does not act alone. We act as a strong family that builds together in order to learn, understand, discover, & share the truth of the unknown. We are P.I.O.T.