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Our Mission

   P.I.O.T conducts professional paranormal investigations in a natural setting with a vast variety of equipment & methods. During our investigations we will review our recent captures on video, camera, & DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) live in order to quickly validate or disprove any questionable activity. We have no boundaries; we have been in the presence of what we believe to have been spiritual entities in all aspects of good, evil, lost, etc. Our team has plenty of experience when dealing with the paranormal. There have been times were we had to "pause" our investigation & recoup due to the intensity of some spirits or "entities", but quickly gather back up & finish what we had at hand. Our understanding & level of acceptance is far & beyond.


   Our team has partnered with an exorcist for when dealing with potentially dangerous cases, so please, do not worry. We are well prepared & experienced individuals. We have released "entities" before temporarily during investigations, but permanently within our own homes due to attached "entities". Such "entities" are known as lost spirits or in some circumstances... evil spirits or demons. We as a team & individuals will do our best to debunk or otherwise prove what is said to be occurring at a location. At times a "haunting" or "possession" may not be what it seems & we may be able to put those minds to rest when able to prove so. However, sometimes our evidence that we gather during investigations make debunking impossible, simply for the fact that there is nothing to debunk. All the rumors & stories seem to be indeed true. Either way, we will discover the truth.



   P.I.O.T. has been conducting investigations as a free service to our communities since it was first made public as a community organization. Whether it is a business or a residence, our team will conduct a full investigation for free. Regardless if the requests are to remove an entity or simply discover what it may or may not be, we will do our best to find a solution. The paranormal is more than just a hobby or a passion; it's a justice we feel is our right & mission to take. Our team will be devoted from start to finish for every investigation we are called to, even if it takes multiple nights. There have been plenty of times where our team has debunked a "haunted" location as "not haunted," but still completed the investigation with honest & whole answers. The paranormal world is our calling & we will always answer it, no matter the end result.

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